• iSeismometer Android Version

    I’m glad to cover all major smartphones: iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In addition, don’t forget our HTML5 web version of iSeismometer!

    Download the Android Version from here. Of course, it’s free.

  • iSeismometer on BBC

    Our app, iSeismometer, to show slight motion on your iPhone / iPad was on BBC! They came to shoot a classroom at Long Island University because the app which I developed in the Earth Science classroom was used as one of the lab exercise. Our University distributed 6,000 iPads so far and it will be 10,000 by the next year. My team lead the development of the entire distribution system and the university app on it.

    Dr. Kennelly introduced about iSeismometer and one of lab exercise in a Earth Science classroom. My interview was not used but I’m happy that he mention about my app and me in his comments.

    That was fun to see a lot of iPads in one place. See how they show shaking motions on the table.

    Here is the behind the scene. This is how they set up the interview place.

  • iSeismometer Web Version

    Click to try iSeismometer (m.iseismometer.com). Enjoy!

    We created iSeismometer Web version which does not require you to download app from App Store. This is very simple version of our iSeismometer but it animate motions on your phone. Good news? It does works on iPad, Android, and Firefox on MacBook.

    Compatibility Chart:

    iPhone 4 Good
    iPad2 Good
    Galaxy Tab 10.1 Good
    Mac Firefox Working – Missing one value
    Mac Chrome Does not crush but no animation
    Mac Safari Not working
  • iSeismometer for Windows Phone

    I released Windows Phone version of iSeismometer. Yes, this is our first app on Windows Phone’s launch day. Please search “Seismometer” in Windows Phone Market Place. (Please note, I dropped “i” from the name. Microsoft send me an email to remove it.)

  • How Gravity Affects on iPhone and how iSeismometer extracts the data

    I wrote a new page to explain how iSeismoemter extract the values. This could be helpful when you look at the data and understand the difference between high-pass filter on and off.

    Gravity and Device Orientation


  • Tutorial – Transmit Signals via Wi-Fi

    We added a tutorial to explain how to receive signals on your computer via Wi-Fi. In this example, I demonstrate Share settings on Mac and a script file. The tutorial is for advanced user (e.g. command line usage) but I would like to improve the receiver program in the future. I’m thinking of attaching nice GUI with wxPython or Qt.

  • iSeismometer.com has been renovated


    I just renovated the website. I’m going to start posting more details about iSeismoemter. Version 1.2 is out there with wi-fi transmit function. I’ll post server side code here soon . Please wait for while.

    Thank you