How to Transmit Signals

There are 3 ways to transfer signals to your desktop from the device. You might want to choose depend on your purpose. The easiest way to extract data is using iTunes although it’s not realtime monitoring method.

  • How to transmit signals via Internet (Coming Soon! – July 2010 3rd week)
  • How to transmit signals via Wi-Fi (Mac)
  • Hot to transmit signal data files via iTunes (The easiest way to transmit data. This tutorial coming soon with next iSeismoemter update in August 2010 update!!!)

How to Interpret Data

I glow up as a Computer Science major student in University to learn software development, and I have to confess that I’m not expert of a signal processing expert like Engineering guy; however, I would like to challenge to explain what iSeismoemeter app spits out based on the Apple’s iPhone’s Accelerometer sensor. Please give us feedback if I’m not accurate or if you need additional information, please let me know.

Server Side Technology and Other Tutorials

These are from my company blog articles. I’m explaining how it works behind the scene of network transfer process and the meaning of the spectrum.